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Live Music at Home has a VERY clear purpose: Give undiscovered indie musicians and artists access to a larger audience by setting up, managing and promoting high quality live music performances online. (Facebook Live, YouTube Live etc...)


The idea was born as a result of coronavirus and the resulting global shut-down of live music venues, which in turn has halted the income and exposure of many performers.


At a time when people need to escape into live music even more - I saw an explosion of those performers doing facebook and youtube live broadcasts, with direct Venmo & Paypal links to earn tips from grateful viewers.


I realized that this would be a good time to organize an effort to put something together that could potentially help performers.


As a piano performer and songwriter myself I understand the difficulty of getting people to come out for live music nowadays, even before there was a global pandemic.


By becoming a patron you are supporting our ability to:


  • Broadcast live music performances with ultra high quality sound and keep these broadcasts 100% free, forever!

  • Run online ads & promotions to expose the artists and their broadcasts to substantially more people and grow their audience

  • Enable artists to sell their music, receive tips or sell their merchandise DIRECTLY to the live viewers (we will NEVER NOT take any of this money from the artists)

  • Support the overhead of the team running and managing this effort so they can focus their time and energy on discovering, booking, promoting and broadcasting more unknown talent!


If we can build up enough of a patronage I would like to be able to go even further - sponsoring new artists who need money to record their music or create music videos etc... 

There's truly nothing like a good live music performance. And if you have the time & money, you should get out there and take in a show occasionally.


But most of us are so busy with family / work and a million other distractions that we just can't make it happen as much as we'd want.


Our goal is to bridge the gap using the current technology so that live music can go further than it ever has before.


If you would like to help make this happen, click the button below to become a patron and a supporter of music. Patronage tiers are as low as $3/month.